When people of certain backgrounds come to Christ, they sometimes find it costs them everything — their families, their communities, their livelihoods, and their homes. Oftentimes they don’t know where to turn.  

Most churches are not equipped to provide the comprehensive care that these believers require. His Choice Stones has been established to serve as a surrogate community for the women, addressing their unique practical and spiritual needs.

These women, in spite of the risks, and against all odds, have left everything – their families, friends, and communities – for the surpassing greatness of knowing Jesus as Lord.

We honor these women for the sacrifices they have made and consider it a privilege to help establish them in their journey with Christ.



We have established a safe and loving community for these women where they can come and learn who they are in Christ, and develop life skills which will enable them to live independently.  

The goals of our program are as follows:

    • To see each woman wholly healed – physically, emotionally, and spiritually – from the abuses they have endured.
    • To establish their identities in Christ – precious daughters of the Most High God.
    • To see them rooted in a healthy Christian community.
    • To teach them how to hear God individually and learn what His vision is for their lives.
    • To equip them and launch them out into that vision.
    • Our program is by necessity flexible to accommodate varying English capabilities, life situations, and goals. Practical, as well as spiritual training will be incorporated into each day’s routine.


    • We believe each person has a right to choose his or her own religion and that they have the right to practice that faith without fear.
    • We believe as the community of Christ, that we should provide a protective and nurturing environment for those who are being persecuted for their commitment to Jesus.
    • We believe it is our collective obligation to share in the sufferings of those who are being persecuted and support them in their trials.
    • We believe we have been called to strengthen these women in their faith, until they are firmly rooted and grounded in Christ and have found their place in the body.
The Need



Prayer is the foundation and cornerstone of this ministry. Thank you for your willingness to join us in this ongoing effort. Please refer to our list below for our list of current prayer requests:

  • That the home will be a place of rest, refuge, and restoration for the women.
  • Total physical, emotional, and spiritual healing for each of the women.
  • For each woman to learn how to hear the voice of God for herself and understand how precious they are to Him.
  • For each woman to learn what God’s specific call is for their lives and become equipped to fulfill that unique vision.
  • Physical, emotional, and spiritual protection for the women and all who work with the home.
  • For salvation of family members and friends, and the restoration of any broken relationships.
  • For all we do to be led by the Spirit, and be fully pleasing to the Lord.


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